Washer/Dryer WDF147S

Electronic display panel showing 24hour delay timer, time to end, the recommended load and drying type
Start/pause, drying, option selection, option confirmation, spin speed and temperature selection
15 washing programmers including,
Special programmers; mix, shirts, gym, night, softener and super fast 15 min.
Additional options: delay timer, prewash, intensive, easy ironing, additional rinse and Flextime
2 time drying programmers (for delicate 60° and normal 90° textile)
6 automatic drying programmers (with 3 levels: iron dry, cupboard dry, extra dry)
Variable spin speed up to 1400 rpm
Humidity sensor that automatically calculates dry time
Max washing capacity: 7kg dry laundry
Max drying capacity: 4kg
St/steel drum
Automatic variable load
Self cleaning detergent drawer

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