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Homeplug is the trade name of the Jordanian Lebanese Commercial Investment Company : a regional distributor and a marketer of electrical home appliances, with over 20 years of experience in the field . The company started in Jordan , under homeplug umbrella , in Jun 2011 , with a clear vision on what is missing in the market : A unique shopping experience , built around quality products, modern designs and professional service .

-Our vision:

Is to become the leader and the market setter in the home appliances industry , in Jordan . Our goal is to support a business environment that provides "best in class" service for our customers delivered by "best in class" professionals. Our mission is to provide our customers with a satisfying experience , that respects their choice and intelligence .

homeplug is the exclusive distributor of Blomberg , Smeg and Severin : international brands with a European focus . The showroom on Mecca street ( Jaber complex ) is the flagship shop of the company , showing the product offering ; while the products are available , for the consumer, through a wide channel of distribution : traditional home appliances dealers , specialty mass merchants and kitchen manufactures .


Is the star of our product offering . A brand that was founded in Germany in 1883 . Ever since , the focus of Blomberg has been on high quality products , modern designs , and now at prices that are much more affordable to the consumers . Blomberg has a wide range of Refrigerators , Washing machines , Dishwashers and Dryers …Harmony is a key word in the philosophy of Blomberg , as they always insure that the products they produce are in harmony with life by ensuring the highest level of Green products , highly efficient , in terms of power consumption . Blomberg offers washing machines & dishwashers that use the least amount of water with the lowest noise levels and the least amount of energy consumption.


Is a market leader in cooking and built in appliances . An Italian brand that is known for its quality and design . homeplug has the full range of Smeg, targeting a consumer looking for a unique product design and insisting on high quality .


A German brand that goes back over 100 years , focuses on small home appliances . At homeplug we stock more than 120 different items : beauty care , coffee makers , cooking and much more .

In the coming few months homeplug , with be adding few more selective brands to the current portfolio , to ensure a complete shopping experience for the end-user and the traders alike

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