Hair Dryer

Styling Brush WL 6857


700 W
thermal safety cut-out
IONIC function with pilot light,helps to reduce static electricitywhile leaving hair healthy and moremanagable
switchable: off - 350 W - 700 W
additional cool setting (150 - 300 W)
round hair brush with retractablebristles, dia. approx. 30 mm
finger protection
round hair brush, dia. approx. 20 mm
warm air brush, dia. approx. 33 mm
styling brush
volume curler
concentrator nozzle
can be used as hairdryer
hanging loop
swivel cord
Dimensions (WxHxD):
402mm x 56mm x 57mm

Hair Straightener HC 6816


35 W
temperature 120°C - 200°C
on/off switch
pilot light
ceramic coated plates
floating plates
swivel cord
Dimensions (WxHxD):
290mm x 40mm x 31mm

Hair Dryer HT 6014


1800 W
6 different heat/speed settingsfor individual hairstyles
cool setting approx. 430 Wfor longer lasting styles
concentrator nozzle
thermal safety cut-out
hanging loop
removable air filter
Dimensions (WxHxD):
210mm x 260mm x 89mm

HT 6006


2000 W
thermal safety cut-out
IONIC function, helps to reducestatic elecricity while leaving hairhealthy and more manageable
6 different heat/speed settings forindividual hairstyles
real cool setting (350 W) forlonger lasting styles
removable air filter for easier cleaning
concentrator nozzle
volume diffusor
air pressure for 25 % moreair-flow output
professional AC-motor
hanging loop
Dimensions (WxHxD):
237mm x 290mm x 90mm

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